Fine Motor Activities- Tips on how to teach kids to get dressed/ undressed!!

      Skills in the areas of
patience, sense of humor and bags full of ways to distract little people are

      Role modeling the task, praising effort,
talking about the steps of the activity all benefit the learning process.

      Don’t choose to challenge your
little one when either of you are tired!!!!

      Pulling off loose fitting
clothes/ PJ’s is a good starting point, shorts, skirts, summer PJ’s (might
mean you have a regular little nudey- because of course they learn to undress so
much quicker than they learn to dress!!!)

     Summer clothes with elastic waists and no
fasteners are easiest to learn

    Like a lot of new tasks for children- give yourself a long
time frame to achieve the goal and expect up’s and downs. Our 2 year old loves
to put on her own underware, however gets upset if she can’t figure out the way
it goes on- each and everytime we lay the underware on the carpet so she can sit and
poke her legs through and pull it up her legs.(We say ‘tag at the bottom’. Always the same routine!!!

–     Life is busy, but making some time to practice the task daily will make it
more meaningful and more likely achievable.

–     It is so useful if your little one can help put on their shoes, or even just
take them off !

–    Slowly the skills will improve and T-shirts can be laid face down flat on
the floor and your child can be shown how to pull this over their head. More
difficult to take off but lots of kids manage at quite a young age themselves.

– Undoing press studs and undoing Velcro straps are a couple of the first
fasteners that can be introduced for your child, plus zippers and eventually
buttons and laces down the track.

– The skills practiced doing all these tasks described are fine motor
skills- skills using the small movements and muscles of the hand and life
skills – skills that will be required for ever!!

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