Announcement: Fine Motor Activities: to help develop the skills for the job of life.

Fine Motor Activities are the games / tasks we play with our little ones to encourage the development and skills of their fingers, hands and arms- their ‘fine motor skills’. Fine Motor Skills include doing ANYTHING that uses small hand and finger movements, so it is clear that it is very important for children to develop these skills. For different reasons some kids struggle with aspects of their development. Fine motor activities can be incorporated in so many ways throughout kids daily routines to give them opportunities to practise a variety of fine motor skills.

Fine motor activities may be fun games to help strengthen fingers/hands, they may be games that help children use the fingers that grasp a pencil or scissors, or they may be fine motor activities that help our kids to learn living skills like dressing themselves, learning the different fasteners or control of utensils.

A vital ingredient when using and introducing fine motor activities, like all tasks that may challenge, require concentration and effort, from our children- is patience and plenty of encouragement and praise….. these characteristics will be invaluable…. Different kids will pick up the various skills in different time frames, plenty of exposure to a variety of fun fine motor activities will enhance their learning. Skills are acquired gradually with lots of practise….

You won’t have to look far around the home to find fine motor activites and materials filled with benefits, a taste of these include -the peg container, squeezing pegs will strengthen those pencil gripping/ scissor cutting, button manipulating finger muscles. My kids love using an old paint brush dipped in water to write on the deck. Or using a stick in the sand to draw a picture. Who doesn’t love playing with water- sqeezing toys, pouring, putting lids on/off jars, water sprayers, all these can all be incorporated into this non-threatening, fun activity and skills skills skills are being enhanced. Dress-ups, cooking, craft, page turning while reading etc. 

I guess one thing that we are trying to achieve often is changing roles a little- we are teaching our little one lots of new skills and gently, slowly, they will do a little more- a little more self feeding, a little more undressing, a little more drawing and drawing things that are a little more recognisable( even if it is a stripe or a dot…). The steps are gradual, but so rewarding….

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