Fine Motor Activity- Using Tongs or Tweezers

Why? To work on those pencil gripping and scissor holding muscles in fingers and hands

Materials needed: Tongs- large or small, or tweezers (i.e. from children’s doctors kit), items to sort, such as coloured tiny pom poms, small pastic animals, lego pieces, cubed salad pieces, balls of play dough, tic tacs, sultanas – anything that can be picked up with tongs.


* Have fun- don’t play if your little one is really resisting, maybe incorporate tongs during mealtime to serve some foods/ morning tea/ some treats- be creative

* Lots of praise and encouragement ‘great work’ ‘what a good try’ ‘you are so clever’

* Model activity for child

* Sort items into colour groups/ sizes

* Share treats out evenly between the family members

* Have a race with mum or dad to get a certain number of tic tacs into container

* Pick up item with tongs and run and place in container- then repeat the activity, make a relay game out of it

* As skills improve use the tweezers which will require more precision and skilled control

Benefits: This fine motor activity is a great prewriting and prescissors activity. Your little one is using the same muscle groups as they would be if writing or cutting. The activity works on eye-hand coordination, in hand manipulation and grip strength. Can be lots of fun!!

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