Fine Motor Activities- Teaching Kids to Write their Names

Your child is starting to be ready to form a letter
when they can draw a stripe vertically, horizontally and a circle and cross.

Demonstrate /role model stripes or circles or dots,
these are all the ‘parts’ that make up letters, use big pieces of paper

Try not to worry about time frame. Our approach with our 3 year old was that
we wanted  to achieve this ‘skill’ of writing name- by school (you will likely find it actually
happened heaps faster- but try not to put too much pressure on the task!)

Some kids love to trace over dots or try to draw a line
between parallel lines we have made for them, some kids- like our daughter
responded well to “up, down,up down” for the letter ‘M’, you can make stencils
with letter shapes cut out of cardboard, you can cut out the letters from
magazines and talk about them….

Choose one letter to start practising and complete the
others for your child, praising any effort on their behalf, such as putting a
dot on an i

         Initially don’t worry if they don’t place the letters anywhere
near each other etc, or if one is as big as a house and another tiny – all
these details can be improved upon over time

As we write our child’s name we say the sound of the

You can practice on the beach, writing with fingers, in
the paddock in the dirt with a stick, you can make the letters with play dough
snakes and trace over with finger. On a foggy window, on the shopping list, on
cards for Nan’s and Pop’s, using a paint brush dipped in water on the pavers, even
one letter or one stripe is a great achievement initially. Anything you can think of to write on…..

Having a name card with the letters all written in a
large clear style, (that is used in kindergarten,) is invaluable for tracing and
referring too- especially as some kids have lots of letters to learn.

Letters with angled lines in them are the most
difficult for kids to learn and I use dots as cues ie for a capital K draw a
stick then a dot in the middle of this line and two dots for the line to be
drawn out too

Practice, repetition, praise and patience- all great
ingredients!!!! …

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