Fine Motor Activities– When and how to start with scissors!!

Sometime after 2 years with supervision kids can start
to use scissors

There are many styles on the market, I really love
“bounce backs” which make the opening action really easy for kids learning.

To start- role model some cutting for your child to
gain their interest. Maybe snipping a ‘fringe’ into some paper or snipping strips
of a colourful piece of paper for a collage for your little one.

Help position your child’s fingers in the scissors (thumb
in the top hole and next three fingers in the bottom hole) and if they can tolerate the hands on help, snip a 1cm wide piece of paper, to demonstrate the cutting action. Prompt with-  “open,
close, open, close”

It is a similar action to a water sprayer and using
tongs- two activities that could be used to practice for scissors skills.

Hopefully, with close supervision, your little one
won’t pinch or snip their fingers.

          Many kids tend to tip their hand upside down
when cutting, talking about having ‘thumb on top’ or try putting a sticker on the
thumb nail, as a reminder -may also be useful

Old greeting cards can be cut into 1cm strips and these
are great fine motor activity for “first cutting activities” -you will need to be very patient and
hold the paper for you child for some time.

Snipping away at junk mail can be very rewarding for
little ones- our 2 Year old gets a lot of satisfaction from snipping madly at
the junk mail and mixing it up with some tearing and glueing and generally
having piles of paper around her!

As the scissors action improves, cutting across 3cm strips
of card or paper can be introduced requiring more than one snip.

To help kids cut around, or cut things out-  drawing a
heavy line as a guide can be very helpful.

Once children can manage to cut along say a 10cm line
they are ready to start practicing, curves and shapes with.  


–       Holding the paper while cutting is another skill that will have to be practised and learnt in time.

Practice, practice, practice!!!!!

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